The Greatest Gift Is A Life That's Yours

Should I Work With a Coach

If you’re like most people in life you’re stuck in a position of not feeling like you’re maximizing your time and joy.  Through the internet we have access to seeing the highlight reels of people that appear to have more than we do.  I don’t believe that these people have any skills that everyone else cannot build.  They may be more ahead than we are today, or have created more opportunity for themselves, but choosing to experience a life full of purpose is where a coach can help you.  The 21st century is full of approaching challenges and opportunities. Some we can foresee and some that will be surprising.  Due to Moore’s Law the rate of these changes will continue to accelerate, but knowing our goals and our just cause will help us navigate tomorrow.

What Will Coaching Do For Me?

My coaching practice is bespoke for the individual that I work with, and designed to help them see the opportunities they have always wanted and creative methods to achieve their goals. When we step into the role of business owner, sales person, spouse, or parent we are trying to perform as a better version of the person we were yesterday.  Working with Scott as a coach will allow you to create a vision for this future version of yourself, craft steps to realize your vision, and hold you accountable. 

Reduce Your Stress Mountains Back Into Mole Hills

Creating habit changes will compound in your life for the future and through small actionable steps can help today’s future dreams become tomorrow’s realty.  Click the link below to book a complimentary intro session and start to live your own Purpose Full life.

The Purpose F-U-L-L Method


People are not born capable of acknowledging their emotions. It is a skill taught to us as we age by our mentors and parents. From my own experience as a parent I have watched someone learn to move around their space, learn to play, but he has not learned the ability to label what the body is experiencing. As we grow up we learn different methods to deal with the surface level emotions as they arise, but often we have bottled up the large emotions that can only emerge when we provide the space for those emotions to come out. To often the lives we live end up being unfulfilled because they are a life lived to make someone else happy. What greater vision is being suppressed because we don’t want to upset the critical voice in our heads? 


The Ultimate version of you is within you; you just need to build a foundation to let that person thrive. While creating the vision of your ultimate version, we will build backwards from your vision and create manageable tasks that will let the man in the mirror become your reality. Scrolling social media has led to seeing the highlight reel of people we barely know and comparing ourselves against another. Instead we need to be focused on competing against the version of us we were yesterday. The person we were 5 years or 5 minutes ago is gone. How can we compete against ourselves? Stand on our previous foundation and become the ultimate version tomorrow?

Label Liabilities

When life is not flowing the way we want the first action is to try harder to make success happen. Our success is like a river; we think that putting more pressure in will cause the river to flow faster. The river knows how to flow and when given the right situation the flow we want will happen. Instead of pushing as hard as we can to make flow happen; we need to examine what is causing the blockages upstream. Remove the blocks that are reducing flow, and the river will flow better than before. With coaching we will work to label where are blocks of effort or time are that stop us from success and remove the blocks. What blockages are holding back your river?


Once a future vision has been developed we will work to achieving your goals with constant check-ins. Each session will be an opportunity to reflect on our goals and see our progress along the way. How do we feel about our success so far? What is holding us back? With time how has the ultimate version of ourselves grown? Only with reflection on our past actions can we start to live towards a life full of purpose. The people we admire have achieved their position in life because they have compounded their activities towards a clear goal. Together, let’s help you level-up in life because there’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. Who do you want to celebrate your success with?